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World cup, ahem, fever hits 60 Watt

Pele, Muller, Cruyff, Charlton, Beckenbaur. They may be the stuff of legend, and general knowledge quizzes, but ask Pete or Iain about Hulk, Messi, Ozil, Neymar, Klose, Benzema or Fetfatzidis and you’d be met with a stare as blank as the cheque you’d need to write to get them up to speed on the world’s […]

We like a good name around here

Back in the day Pete was in the team that named RBS’s hole in the wall Cashline service.  In Scotland, at least, this became the Hoover of, err, Cashlines. Gold Bier, Hubbub, 20-20 Opticians, Squareye,  Amicus, Lemon Squeezy, ID Recruitment, BrandBox and the breathtakingly original Chalmer’s Cottages (named after its parent company Chalmers) were all […]

Watch out. There’s mamils about.

  You might be surprised to learn that 60 Watt has some MAMIL tendencies (Middle Aged Men In Lycra); not all of us, mind you. As Britain’s least desirable fashion movement has grown in momentum over the past few years at least one of our rotund team has squeezed disgracefully into his XXL Spandex and […]

You won’t believe your eyes.

  Working hard all week as we do, come the weekend you’re ready to relax. A few chores, a bit of DIY (yeah, right) entertaining on Saturday evening and then, along comes Sunday.  A whole day of nothing to do stretching ahead of you, with the big question hanging over us…“Where shall we go today?” […]

You’ve come a long way, baby.

John Denholm and 60 Watt go back a long way.   All the way to the start of the Leith Agency.   And to Hall Advertising before that (remember them?)   All these years later we’re honoured to count John and now his talented wife Nikki among our clients.   Their eponymous marketing recruitment business […]