Monthly Archives: February 2015

That old chestnut again ….

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. We thought it would be interesting to put that old adage to the test by showing some of our favourite pictures. Naked, as it were. And a few of our letter groups, sans images. So we’ve produced especially for you, dear reader (or should […]

If this is work, who needs holidays?

Every year, for the last five years, we have had the great pleasure of designing, writing, compiling and producing the brochures for what has become a very special client, Cottages & Castles. 2015 was no exception. It is as close to a labour of love as you can possibly get. We are blessed with an […]

It all started with Howdy Doody.

It’s arguably one of the world’s most famous proclamations. First uttered by Chief Thunderthud on the 50’s TV programme, The Howdy Doody Show. Later adopted by headbangers, metalheads, skaters, surfers and, well, Ninja Turtles. Have you guessed it yet?  If not, here’s some more clues. It’s a singular word meaning positive, good and great, even […]