Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hello again Boys

It’s been a long time, we have to admit, since we last posted here. But, it does give us the opportunity to use a gratuitous image of the delectable Eva Herzigova in one of our all time favourite advertising 1994 campaign for the Wonderbra, as a means of announcing our return to the blogosphere. In […]


When once asked why he didn’t use research to find out what people wanted, Steve Jobs famously replied, “Because people don’t have the imagination to know what they really want.” Which is very similar to the Henry Ford observation that headlines this post. With those thoughts in mind, 60 Watt is proud to announce our […]

Bloody trams

If you are a resident of, or have passed through, Edinburgh at any point in the last seven years you’ll have heard this expression countless times. For some it has become the modern day ‘disgrace of Edinburgh’ as the initial estimate of a £375m construction bill has steadily escalated into a final bill of over […]

Fun with charts and graphs

We’ve been doing memorable subscription campaigns for the Scotsman for more years than we care to remember. That’s not as easy as it sounds; year after year the offer is basically the same: take out a Scotsman subscription and save money on the cover price of your favourite newspaper. The challenge is keeping the work […]

Putting Standard Life on the map

  Arguably the first commercial infographic to be used on a large scale was Harry Beck’s famous 1933 design for the London underground map, which stripped the sprawling Tube network down to a clear, comprehensible chart based on electrical circuit diagrams. Over 80 years later, 60 Watt has applied a similar principal to financial services […]

War and Peace (but not as you know it)

Most direct mail pieces go straight in the bin, don’t they?  (“Yes they do.” – Ed) This presents us creative wallahs with a big challenge: how do we delay our target audience long enough to get across the benefits of our clients’ products before the inevitable happens? Even better, how do we avoid the trash […]