Award alert!

Award Time!

Normally winning an award involves only two things: money and talent.

The talent we modestly take for granted (we have won quite a few awards in our time) but the money?

There’s the overall entry fee to consider, the fees for each category, not to mention the number of entries in each category. (You said not to mention – Ed). For a creative agency that can add up to hundreds and more likely thousands of pounds. In bigger agencies that comes out of the marketing budget, but for tiddlers like us it comes out of hard-earned profit.

Yup, awards are not for the faint-hearted.

So you could have knocked us down with the proverbial feather when our esteemed client at Cottages & Castles sent us the following electronic missive:

“Wow! We’ve just won an award for our exhibition stand. Great. Well done 60 Watt!”

And went on to say our design had just won ‘Best newcomer’ at the Visit Scotland Expo 2015 in Aberdeen.

Our client was thrilled and, it’s fair to say, so were we.

But the best thing about it was we didn’t have to pay a single penny in entry fees.


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