Why ears are important.

Why ears are important

To get the best results you have to listen to the requirements of your target market. Fundamental really.

The case in point is from our client Clue who asked us to highlight the benefits of their software to the suspicious audience that is the police. Software designed exclusively for investigators by Clue who go out of their way to understand how they do their jobs.

They ask questions, listen to the answers and devise solutions to make things easier and more efficient for their product users. It’s simple if you know the questions to ask and can understand and evaluate the answers.

At 60 Watt we like to think we do. Right questions, right answers = right solution.

See above.

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  • Agreed. Getting inside your customers’ heads is essential. Too many companies still don’t listen to their customers properly or sufficiently regularly.

    Research has to be based on the right questions and the best approach. DIY SurveyMonkey is occasionally the subject of very badly designed questionnaires – too long, too many, ambiguous and leading questions, the wrong mix of qualitative and quantitative questions.

    Successful companies are “all ears”.

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