Monthly Archives: October 2014

Omni present.

In the advertising business, clients are won, wooed or otherwise ensnared in a variety of ways. Route one: the classic pitch. Route two: “We’ll come up with a marketing strategy which will naturally lead on to a creative solution and…bingo, you’re a client.” And route three: the walk in. As in, “I need some ads […]

The Mad Hatter.

It seems as if a noteworthy new eating establishment opens every week in the 60 Watt ‘hood. Just around the corner, the wonderful Atelier on Morrison Street is already at No.2 for Edinburgh restaurants on Tripadvisor. And the latest eaterie on the scene (less restaurant, more gastropub) is even closer. The Mad Hatter is virtually […]

‘Taps aff’ to the Ice bucket challenge.

In Scotland we have an expression that bids bonjour to clement weather.  (To put this into context that can mean anything in excess of 17 degrees Celsius.) ‘Taps aff’, means ‘tops off’ and is reserved exclusively for the pasty abdomened males of the species. It, literally, requires the participants to take off their top layer […]