Monthly Archives: May 2015

Why ears are important.

To get the best results you have to listen to the requirements of your target market. Fundamental really. The case in point is from our client Clue who asked us to highlight the benefits of their software to the suspicious audience that is the police. Software designed exclusively for investigators by Clue who go out […]

Award alert!

Normally winning an award involves only two things: money and talent. The talent we modestly take for granted (we have won quite a few awards in our time) but the money? There’s the overall entry fee to consider, the fees for each category, not to mention the number of entries in each category. (You said […]

We have become a groupie.

We (and that should really be I) parody Margaret Thatcher’s ‘We have become a grandmother’ to bring you exciting news of developments in the music world. A world not unfamiliar to us before but now with deeper meaning for us 60 Watters, blood being, as it were, thicker than water. You may remember Hamish James […]