When once asked why he didn’t use research to find out what people wanted, Steve Jobs famously replied, “Because people don’t have the imagination to know what they really want.”

Which is very similar to the Henry Ford observation that headlines this post.

With those thoughts in mind, 60 Watt is proud to announce our latest venture, the Aha! Training Company. A training company designed, like cars, to get you where you want to go a lot faster than horses.

The name comes from that phenomenon known as the eureka moment, also known as the Aha! effect.

In a nutshell, it’s that moment of insight that changes you forever. For Archimedes, it was triggered by a hot bath. A plummeting apple did it for Newton. While Einstein’s life was transformed by a glimpse of Bern’s clock tower from a speeding tram.

So if your career is facing an impasse or you just need to give it a shot in the arm, maybe an Aha! Training course could be just the lift it needs.

In a car, not on a horse.


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