War and Peace (but not as you know it)


Most direct mail pieces go straight in the bin, don’t they?  (“Yes they do.” – Ed)

This presents us creative wallahs with a big challenge: how do we delay our target audience long enough to get across the benefits of our clients’ products before the inevitable happens? Even better, how do we avoid the trash monster altogether?

It’s a challenge that’s made all the more difficult when your audience just happens to be Trading Standards officers (overpromises/weasel words/dodgy offers verboten).

And don’t imagine email is an option, it isn’t. These dudes have firewalls the CIA couldn’t get through.

We were aided and abetted in our quest with what we in the trade call a jolly nice brief.

Our client, Altia has developed a wiz bang software product that helps their clients turn a mountain of information (scans, telephone recordings, CCTV and other video files and piles of data) into a molehill.

Or, to use another analogy, condenses something the equivalent of War and Peace down to the size of a postage stamp.

Wait a minute..War and Peace…now there’s a thought.

A box designed to look like Tolstoy’s epic tome, but which actually contains nothing more than a 4 page leaflet extolling the virtues of said software.

Et voila; a memorable solution that has given Altia a pleasing problem. Answering regular requests from their customers for spare boxes to store their office nick nacks in.

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