Omni present.

In the advertising business, clients are won, wooed or otherwise ensnared in a variety of ways.

Route one: the classic pitch.

Route two: “We’ll come up with a marketing strategy which will naturally lead on to a creative solution and…bingo, you’re a client.”

And route three: the walk in. As in, “I need some ads done. You guys do ads. Do me some ads.”

The latest addition to the 60 Watt client list, Omni furnishing, falls into the latter category.

Raymond Lafferty, Omni’s proprietor, is one of the few remaining independents with a sense of taste and style and a stock of furniture pieces you just won’t find in the chain-stores.

A genuinely nice guy, he’s as laid back as one of his reclining chairs and wouldn’t know hard sell if it gave him a Glasgow kiss.

Consequently his brief for a series of half page colour press ads was a bit of a gift. Leading swiftly to our creative solution: big pictures of various hero furniture items loudly proclaiming their best features, coupled with the strapline: “Furniture so good it sells itself.”

The ads are running in the Scotsman every week for a year.  If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a sample:

Omni Furnishing

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