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‘Taps aff’ to the Ice bucket challenge.

In Scotland we have an expression that bids bonjour to clement weather.  (To put this into context that can mean anything in excess of 17 degrees Celsius.) ‘Taps aff’, means ‘tops off’ and is reserved exclusively for the pasty abdomened males of the species. It, literally, requires the participants to take off their top layer […]

You won’t believe your eyes.

  Working hard all week as we do, come the weekend you’re ready to relax. A few chores, a bit of DIY (yeah, right) entertaining on Saturday evening and then, along comes Sunday.  A whole day of nothing to do stretching ahead of you, with the big question hanging over us…“Where shall we go today?” […]

You’ve come a long way, baby.

John Denholm and 60 Watt go back a long way.   All the way to the start of the Leith Agency.   And to Hall Advertising before that (remember them?)   All these years later we’re honoured to count John and now his talented wife Nikki among our clients.   Their eponymous marketing recruitment business […]

My son the budding rock star.

Like many of you clients and friends of a certain age, I have a student son who plays the guitar. However, mine writes all his own songs. He has a series of concert tours under his belt (The World Tour of Crail and Yellae Deuks Festival being two notable recent examples). He insists on using […]

If we don’t blow it, who else will?

We’ve had a great reaction to the launch of our new website. ‘I love it.’ ‘Love the feel.’ ‘Really like it.’ ‘Looks fantastic. A joy to investigate.’ Lots of  ‘looking good’.  Several ‘great’ and even a ‘really simple’ – we take that as a compliment. But the best one was, ’I like! Molto simple and graphic. […]